how it works

our process creates value at every step—new ideas, solutions, and outcomes that become part of your long-term success

If you’ve ever worked with a consultant before, you won’t be surprised to know that our process includes a number of steps: setting objectives, doing discovery, facilitating ideation, concept refinement and synthesis, and executing your launch. No surprise there.

Where we differ, is in making connections.

a focus on innovation—
putting together knowledge from history
with solutions for the future, using
imagination, analysis, and problem-solving
to turn creative ideas into actions and reality.

a customized team—
designed for your specific needs and
using international perspectives,
a common language of food,
and attention to your in-house culture.

an inclusive approach—
that values internal expertise,
the influence of stakeholders,
and the naiveté of outsiders.

Find out how to make our network work for you.