an ‘ecosophic’ approach

In the world of food, things are interconnected. Very interconnected. Branding hooks up with nutrition, television with agriculture, cuisine with photography. Human bodies link to refrigerators, restaurants, farms, and grocery stores. Animals live with microbes, plants depend on water supplies. All food systems, from small to large, commercial to natural, are made of connections.

Ecosophy is a perspective that recognizes and benefits from this connectivity. From the individual to a society to the environment at large, what one person does here and now has an effect on other people there and then.

Our consulting services recognize how your needs and actions are connected to larger network. And because we are part of a network of hundreds of other food specialists around the world, we can respond to those needs ecosophically. It’s an approach that is pragmatic, grounded, and necessary.

Ecosophy is our reminder to keep asking “What else is going on here, and what else do we need to consider?”