what we do

Icebox Studio is your access point
to a wide range of food-focused services.

Unlike consultants with narrow areas of expertise, we draw on an extensive network of international partners. That means that every project has its own unique team, and your needs receive a response that is both customized and holistic.

Are you looking for marketing-communications, educational program development, strategic planning, creative content collaboration—or anything else to do with food and drink? We provide solutions. Our partners work with businesses, learning institutions, civil-society organizations, and NGOs. Who are you, and how can we help build value?

Icebox Studio is led by David Szanto, a Montreal-based food consultant, teacher, and designer. With thirty years of experience in food, marketing, editorial, art, and academic work, his specialty is in making connections. His goal is to help individuals and organizations produce value for themselves, their stakeholders, and the larger community, while improving the resilience and creative potential of food systems at all scales.