Our underlying model is the network. This is how we view food, how we understand our clients’ needs, and how we achieve results.

First, although people often talk about “the” food system, there are actually many food systems. And each is deeply connected to the others. From a human body to a pot of kimchi, from food pics on Instagram to the global production-distribution-consumption of rice, food is a network of systems. At every scale, every food system interacts and interferes with other ones.

Second, when a client comes to us with an identified need, we consider how it is linked to other issues, other stakeholders, and other opportunities. Just like any given food system, a client’s need is always part of a larger system of needs. While we understand that sometimes it’s “just” about a brand or a taste or a workshop, we also understand that we can’t ignore those other issues.

Third, because no one can be an expert in a system of systems, we rely on relationships with other food specialists around the world. Icebox Studio is itself part of an international network. Our partners each bring a unique set of specialized skills, while also speaking a common language. That means that client projects each receive customized attention from a team who communicate seamlessly. In other words: international network + networked understanding = client results.