This page is a pot. Back-burner kind of thing. Trimmings and odd bits go onto this page. They’ll macerate for a while together, ooze, and weep. If I turn up the heat on something, I’ll link it to another page, but it also stays here. Making stock, taking stock, investing in stock—whatever you want it to mean. The un-pun pun?

sabbatical shalom       box wine       resetting home       girl power, girly man, 2/3 girl, gurrrl       from the dichot to transfoodboy       unpronounceable C-words       bowling, bowled over, bowler, bowel       hot water, and water       between puns and wordplay       what yin yoga suggests about indigenous food research       other people’s mason jars       wine for connex, coffee for writing       “you’re going to turn into a drag”       translation