faire chabrot

add your wine and slurp

What’s that, you have a little scraping of soup left in your bowl, a trace of deliciousness, a warm glaze of liquid memory? Well grab the bottle from the middle of the table and slop in a slurp of red. Murk it around with the back of your spoon, lift up your bowl, and guzzle it down.

Following this prescription, you will just have “fait chabrot,” a southern French tradition. More specifically, it is occitanian in heritage, alternately referred to as fà chabroù and faire chabròl as well, depending on origins and dialect. (Via the chabr- bit, there seems to be some etymological linkages to ‘goats’ in there too—so faire chabrot may mean to ‘drink like a goat’.) Whatever form of the phrase, enacting it is a nice way to mix in a little something with the remnants of your other something, and enjoy just a splash more something-something.

On this page, therefore, you’re invited to add a glug of thought to the residuals I’ve ladled out elsewhere in this Bowl, stir it around together, and see what tasty deglazing we can do together.

Go, go, goaty!