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Friends & Marriages

Spanning two decades in the lives of the generation that came of age in the1960s, Friends & Marriages is a story cycle about a past, and a present, strewn with unfinished relationships. The men, women and children whose lives intersect in these connected stories are drawn away from the cities where they live to Mexico, Greece, and into the hinterlands of Quebec and Vermont. There, in the clear light of day, the find the confusions and regrets of their lives vying with the unhurried pleasures of the wilderness.

“Szanto follows his characters through this dynamic period [1974 to 1991] of modern history. By breaking the novel into several stories, form and content meld. The discontinuous style of narrative effortlessly allows the writer to have Character X re-appear married to Character Y rather than Character Z with whom marriage had seemed, if not perfect, at least manageable. Some may call it Post-Modernism, others the complete collapse of a value system.” —Times-Colonist.

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